PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography. Artistic Theories and Projects

El Master PHotoESPAÑA collects the experience of 25 years of the festival PHotoESPAÑA to offer an up-to-date and comprehensive photography training program. The program delves into all aspects of the current photographic field, either to put into practice various strategies when it comes to making and promoting your author's work in all its phases, as well as to apply it in other professional fields related to this medium.


It is specially designed for photographers who seek to enhance their creative and author skills, develop their own world of ideas and artistic concerns around photography, deepen their own critical gaze, in addition to understanding the current professional environment and acquiring the keys to consolidate a good photographic work.

It is also aimed at people interested in acquiring knowledge about photography to apply it to different professional fields, such as teaching, curating, cultural management or publishing, rather than in photographic practice and exhibition.


It allows you to explore the theoretical aspects of the image and reflect on the photographic medium in the current panorama. It also offers you the necessary tools to develop your creative capacities in the development of your project in all its phases, the completion of work in progress, as well as its promotion and communication, and the opportunity to connect with an international network of outstanding professionals.

10 hour tutorials.
250 practical hours per student
Viewings that will take place every two months
Parallel training activities
Realization of a final project
Dissemination and visibility in PHotoESPAÑA's communication channels


The 25-year experience of the festival PHotoESPAÑA It allows us to design a teaching program of the highest level, which ends with the presentation of the students, but their participation options are broader. During the PHotoESPAÑA festival, students will have an active involvement in all the activities and events within its programming. They will be invited to attend all the openings of the exhibitions, to participate in calls, viewings, seminars, talks and meetings. Participating in all the opportunities that arise in order to expand your knowledge in the field of photography and establish synergies between all participants.

“I was looking to do photography in a more professional and artistic way and I have discovered that for this, in addition to the references and knowledge provided by the readings, a critical support group and a network of professionals that the Master provides is needed. It could be said that the Master opens your eyes and makes available a series of resources to make your way in the world of art and photography. "

Mary Frances Attias
Student of the Master PHotoESPAÑA 2020/2021


We are motivated by the interest of ensuring an updated and complete training program in photography and visual culture.

The school has consolidated a teaching team with great professionals from the sector such as: Nicholas Combarro, Laura Torrado, Ana Casas Broda, David Jimenez, Paco Gomez… among many others. 

The students have personalized attention at all times.


Our commitment is that all students manage to carry out a project that involves their growth and consolidation as an author. 



Online workshops, seminars, master classes led by photographers, artists and curators such as:

Juan Valbuena, Isabel Muñoz, Rafael Roa, Matías Costa, Gloria Oyarzabal, Pilar Albarracín, Carmela García and Nuria Giménez Lorang.

“The Master has represented an invaluable opportunity for the development of our discourse as human beings and as artists, from a critical reflection and thanks to the guidance of excellent teachers and tutors from all areas. I have enjoyed the academic content but even more so the diversity of positions, both from teachers and from classmates. "

Elizabeth schummer
Student of the Master PHotoESPAÑA 2020/2021


Cristina Galan Vargas
Nuno Perestrelo
Sabela Porto-Ares

“I was looking to give light to my current project in an environment where I could be given the necessary tools and references to achieve it, at the same time as creating a community of colleagues with similar interests. There has definitely been a before and after in my photographic thinking. "

Grace hoyle
Student of the Master PHotoESPAÑA 2020/2021


Master class by Eduardo Momeñe

  The PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography, in collaboration with the Alcobendas City Council, organizes the master class open to the public, given by the photographer and teacher Eduardo

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