The PHotoESPAÑA Master's Degree gathers the experience of 25 years of the PHotoESPAÑA festival to offer an updated and complete program of training in photography. Delve into all aspects of the current photographic field, either to implement various strategies when making and promoting your work of authorship in all its phases, as well as to apply it in other professional fields related to this medium.

We offer two modalities

Face-to-face modality

The master will take place at the PHotoESPAÑA Festival headquarters in Madrid, Calle Verónica 13, 28014. Some classes could be in online format to allow interaction with international artists and curators. The hours are from Monday to Thursday from 17:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m.

100% online mode

With the option of attending some classes in person, if you reside in Madrid. All classes are recorded and made available to the student on the virtual platform throughout the course. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 17:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). Some classes will end at 19:30 p.m.

The program is organized in several modules that, directed by professionals and artists of the highest level, cover all the aspects that make up the gaze and practice of a current photographer. From the elaboration of critical and analytical thinking around photography, to the final edition and materialization of the work, through the elaboration of photobooks.

The course will be taught in Spanish and the international workshops taught in English will have simultaneous translation.

Who is it geared towards?

It is specially designed for photographers who seek to enhance their creative and author skills, develop their own world of ideas and artistic concerns around photography, deepen their own critical gaze, in addition to understanding the current professional environment and acquiring the keys to consolidate a good photographic work.

It is also aimed at people interested in acquiring knowledge about photography to apply it to different professional fields, such as teaching, curating, cultural management or publishing, rather than in photographic practice and exhibition.

What does it offer?

It allows you to explore the theoretical aspects of the image and reflect on the photographic medium in the current panorama. It also offers you the necessary tools to develop your creative capacities in the development of your project in all its phases, the completion of work in progress, as well as its promotion and communication, and the opportunity to connect with an international network of outstanding professionals.

We introduce a more personalized training modality, with an increase in the hours of 10 hour tutorials per student, through which the development of the project is monitored. We also bet on a good number of 250 hours practices per student, which can be carried out during the course or at the end, linked to the festival, in which our students will actively participate both in assemblies and in all kinds of activities that contribute to their training.

We promote direct contact with PHotoESPAÑA and La Fábrica professionals through viewings that will take place every two months, keeping our students in a close relationship with the PHotoESPAÑA community of which they are part, which includes first-rate gallery owners, publishers, artists and cultural managers.

The master includes a good number of parallel training activities such as visits to artists' studios, exhibitions, galleries, collections, printers and laboratories.

Throughout the course the student will carry out a project What can be practical in nature defined in two aspects: the creation of an author's book and an exhibition project, which will be presented within the framework of the PHotoESPAÑA festival, together with an audiovisual piece. Or of a theoretical nature in line with other professional interests, such as research, curatorial practice, design of educational projects, etc.

How much?

Face-to-face modality
€ 7.500 to be paid in monthly installments. Discount of up to € 1.500 if you formalize your registration before November 30.

Online mode
€ 7.000 to be paid in monthly installments. Discount of up to € 1.500 if you formalize your registration before November 30.

For both modalities, an initial payment of € 1.000 is required to reserve a place and the rest before the start of the course (or in five monthly installments). Payments are made through bank charges in the case of having a Spanish bank account. Otherwise, the student will make them through an international transfer.

Promotion of our students

Our commitment is that all students manage to carry out a project that involves their growth and consolidation as an author. We want to give visibility and promotion to the results of a whole year of work by the students, that is why we use all possible means to show and promote their projects, through PHotoESPAÑA's communication channels. The collective exhibition of the end-of-year projects of the students will be officially within the framework of the PHotoESPAÑA festival, supported by its communication and dissemination. Mockups of photobooks that students do during the course will be exhibited in the La Fábrica bookstore.

Furthermore, given the great increase in activity on the PHotoESPAÑA website, as well as the constant increase in the number of followers on our social networks, our intention is to take advantage of them to maximize the visibility of our students through these means, and suppose a virtual showcase with repercussion in the photographic field. We will post works of our students on the PHotoESPAÑA Instagram account in various ways. In addition, students will be able to show their multimedia works on the PHotoESPAÑA YouTube channel.

As a novelty, we will introduce all our students viewing PHotoESPAÑA Discoveries portfolios. Until now, only those who went through a selection participated.

We will organize  guided tours during the PHotoESPAÑA Festival by the Madrid galleries that participate in the PHE Off Festival, with the opportunity to meet their managers.

Throughout the course, prior selection, specific presences of some of our students in other festivals, such as photoSCHWEIZ, are also proposed.the Festival of Young European Photography Circulation (s) in Paris, and other opportunities that arise periodically.

At PHotoESPAÑA we fully trust in our teaching method and in the ability of our students to build quality projects, hence our commitment to the visibility of your work.

Participate in the PHotoESPAÑA Festival

The 25-year experience of the PHotoESPAÑA festival allows us to design a teaching program of the highest level, which ends with the presentation of the students, but their participation options are broader. During the PHotoESPAÑA festival, students will have an active involvement in all the activities and events within its programming. They will be invited to attend all the openings of the exhibitions, to participate in calls, viewings, seminars, talks and meetings.

Participating in all the opportunities that arise in order to expand your knowledge in the field of photography and establish synergy between all participants.


To evaluate your application, you have to send your portfolio, motivation letter and CV.

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Image: © Alberto David Fernández. Master Student PHE 2019-20