Frequently Asked Questions

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Price Master PHE: € 7.000.

There are two payment methods that are made as follows:

Single payment with a 10% discount on the total: Course price: € 6.300

Deferred payment: € 1.000 for tuition and 8 installments of € 750 by direct debit each month.


This discount will be applied to the two payment methods as follows:

On the single payment: Final price of the course: € 5.040

About deferred payment: Course price € 5.600 (€ 1.000 for tuition and 8 installments of € 575 per direct debit each month)



This discount will be applied to the two payment methods as follows:

On the single payment: Final price of the course: € 5.600

About deferred payment: Course price € 6.300 (€ 1.000 for tuition and 8 installments of € 662,50 per direct debit each month)

The PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography offers a scholarship to Latin American students who enroll in the call for the first cycle of the master's degree, which will begin in October 2021 and end in June 2022. To which they can choose:

-Students linked to photographic creation, through the presentation of a finished project.

-Students interested in the general training of the master, more than in the photographic practice and in the exhibition, whose objective is to apply the knowledge acquired to other professional fields, such as education, curating, cultural management or the publishing field. In this case, they must present a theoretical project in any of these areas.

The selection will be made through a joint assessment of the following factors: training and CV, photographic project (whether practical or theoretical), motivation and financial situation.

Endowment. Each scholarship has an endowment of 3.500€, corresponding to half of the total cost of the course, which will be deducted from the registration fee.

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The modality is 100% online.

Some of the classes will also have the option in person at the PHotoESPAÑA headquarters.

Yes, they are all recorded and made available to the student on the virtual platform throughout the course.

The next course begins on October 18, 2021 and ends on June 8, 2022.

The hours are from Monday to Thursday from 17:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m. (Spanish time). Some classes will end at 19:30 p.m.

The master has a continuous enrollment structure, that is, there are three registration calls for each cycle. The study plan is the same in each cycle, what differentiates them is the start date, which coincides just at the beginning of each term.

No, it is not necessary. It can be perfectly started at the beginning of the master's degree, as long as you enroll in the first cycle, that is, in October. For the following cycles, it is necessary to have a project started.

First of all we would value the application for admission, for this you have to send here a portfolio of 10/15 images in pdf, a motivation letter and CV.

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Payments are made through bank charges in the case of having a Spanish bank account. Otherwise, the student will do them through PayPal.

The Master offers its own degree. As it is not approved, it is not official.

The requirements to take the Master are as follows:

Be of legal age and have previous training in photography or equivalent experience. The admission criteria are determined through the evaluation of the portfolio, motivation letter and CV.

Medium / high level knowledge of photographic technique and image editing is required.