Master PHotoESPAÑA
Photographic projects

A master's degree for photography professionals with the aim of conceiving and carrying out a photographic project.

At a time when not only photography, but all of society, is immersed in the changes resulting from technological development, the Master PHotoESPAÑA opens up to new realities such as the virtual space as a possible project exhibition center; new image production techniques; the new currents of curating; or digital markets. All of them current issues, which the master addresses, without forgetting of course the most classic currents or the evolution of photographic language. Since we can only understand the paradigm in which we find ourselves, if we know the one from which we come.

The PHotoESPAÑA Master has a continuous enrollment structure, with three enrollment calls in the months of January, April and October. The content of the curriculum is the same for each edition. 

Areas of knowledge

Shape your ideas and photographic work, turning it into a project. From the development of a narrative concept, through the choice of materials and their dissemination formats (publications, exhibitions, photobooks, digital, art market), to the creation of a financing and communication strategy.

A maturation process carried out by the professionals of PHotoESPAÑA and its collaborators, under the artistic direction of Linarejos Moreno.

Starting from the position of the creator, the master's degree dynamically addresses the creation, publication, marketing and management of photographic projects.

Narratives. Organize and value your ideas

This area of ​​knowledge offers the tools for students to effectively transmit the different narratives of their work. Through the articulation of texts, images and concepts, different ways of connecting events are explored to form stories. It includes both seminars and referential author classes, as well as text-visual narrative workshops in which images are connected and different types of professional texts are analyzed, such as declarations of intent, statement of artist or press release.

Ways of financing and patronage. Public and private resources to help you develop your work

Knowing the state and private financing mechanisms that exist in your country and abroad is key to making the dissemination of your projects a reality. For this reason, the master's degree explores, in the hands of professionals and experts, the different legislation on patronage, prizes as an alternative to financing and dissemination, the support lines of the Ministry of Culture, the Embassies and the policies European in terms of creation.

Matter. Choose techniques, materials and supports for your images

The evolution of photography has been linked, from its origins, to the different technical evolutions that allow images to materialize. from the savoir faire traditional to contemporary movements such as process art or metaphotography, teach us how matter, technique and process are a fundamental part of photographic discourse. In the #matter knowledge area, the student approaches different material forms of concretizing images and the conceptual processes that derive from them. This module includes visits to laboratories, artists' studios and production companies. An opportunity to learn first-hand from analog techniques, based on light, to different forms of 2d or 3d printing in an infinity of materials, which offer infinite exhibition possibilities and enrich the exhibition discourses. 

curatorial speeches. Explore with the curators the topics of festivals. Learn to insert your project in the "hot topics"

The inclusion of photographic projects in shows, biennials and festivals not only depends on their quality, but also on their ability to raise relevant questions. From the curatorial discourses area of ​​knowledge, photography is studied as a visual trace of currents of critical thought and as a format for the production and exchange of knowledge. Hand in hand with critics and programmers, the insertion of photography in international practices and debates is worked on.

Physical and digital space. Formats and places to show your work to the public

The progressive fading of the stagnant dimensionality of the media was finally verbalized in the article Sculpture in the expanded field (Kraus, 1979), spreading rapidly to other media such as photography. Nowadays, a part of photographic practice has not only lost its two-dimensionality but, through digital media and visual studies, there has been a great expansion in virtual space. Physical and digital space offers the student the possibility of opening up to the infinite possibilities of showing their work in space, starting from learning the methods and resources used to visualize their photographs in a two-dimensional exhibition proposal, up to the multiple possibilities of photographic expansion in space physical and digital.

Editorial publication. Design, edition and distribution of photography books

This area deals with the photobook as a form of creation where material and digital experimentation with narrative is found, delving into the processes of "page design" on paper or on screen of your photographic project. Active professionals will share their experience around design and the publishing industry, distributors and the circuit of the first models. An itinerary of awards, festivals and recognitions that, together with other regional or state calls, can help you make your photographic project a reality.

Market and agencies. Professional remuneration for work and photographic work

Stabilization in the market allows the photographer not only to live from his work, but also to grow and consolidate as a professional. Directors of fairs, collections, galleries and auction houses will offer the student a broad perspective of the factors that affect photographic work for sale and the events and places where it occurs.

On the other hand, our programming pays special attention to the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), on the content, circulation, sale of images and positioning of artists. Therefore, we will also have digital sales specialists, relational ranking databases, galleries and platforms specialized exclusively in the sale of digital or network-generated works and, of course, specialists in NFT.

Communication and platforms. How to get more publicity for your work as an artist

The democratization of communication through the internet and social networks have given artists the possibility of reaching a much wider audience.

The student will learn, from the hands of professionals in the sector, the mechanisms and the best management tools to disseminate their work.

Master classes. Get inspired by the masters of photography

Visual artists
Biennale directors

Development of the personal project. Shape your project in all its aspects throughout the master's degree and hand in hand with your tutors and present it at the end of the course

During the master's degree, a quality photographic project and its specific strategy for publication, exhibition and dissemination are specified. The project will be carried out individually and autonomously under the tutelage of one or two professionals who will act as main tutors. At the end of the master's degree, each student will present their project both in writing and orally to the rest of the group and the team of tutors. Every year, in September, La Fábrica organizes a collective exhibition within the framework of PHotoESPAÑA with the best portfolios, evaluated by a jury of visual artists, critics and curators.

Viewings and participation in Discoveries PHotoESPAÑA

During the development of the personal project, the student has the periodic viewing of his project by the professionals of La Fábrica and PHotoESPAÑA. In addition, the face-to-face modality will attend the PHotoESPAÑA Discoveries program.

Discoveries offers the possibility for selected artists to have individual appointments with national and international experts, in order to create a space where photographers can show their photographs to curators and editors; receive individual advice for your work; discover trends in the world of images; share your project with a community of creators and expand your professional network. 

Internships in La Fábrica and PHotoESPAÑA projects

Each student joins the work team of one of the PHotoESPAÑA or La Fábrica projects according to their preferences and may also complete their internship at one of the cultural organizations with which we collaborate.

Activities PHotoESPAÑA

Master's students are invited to actively participate in all the activities organized by the PHotoESPAÑA festival: openings, talks, workshops, guided tours, open studio.