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In the age of dematerialised images, in the age of post-photogaphy, at a time when concepts of truth, authorship, originality have almost been dissolved, combined with the possession of new technologies and the frenetic and fleeting circulation of images, what is left of the old idea of lm, of this this art traditionally connected to reality, that had based so much of its theoretical development on the ideas of the record, frozen moment and of life detached from time? The interruption of digital technologies has involved much more than changes in the processes of production, distribution and consumption of motion pictures, it has revolutionised it, as it did with photography and cinema. Motion pictures also reflect these abysmal changes, these new challenges in a world in which, as Joan Fontcuberta observed: “It is not absurd to think that in the future images are not going to need reality at all.” In six sessions Deserts of the Real. Motion Pictures in the Digital Age will explore different ways in which motion pictures have tried to think and confront their new digital identity, changing forms, dialoging with the ephemeral and becoming conscience that every end is always a beginning, perhaps, even more fascinating.

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