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1,800 Millimetre
Emi Anrakuji

Emi Anrakuji represents herself as an alchemist of images and a catalyst for daydreams and desires. Posing naked, clothed, or — Blanca Soto Arte

Amphoras and Broken Things
Livia Marín

The work of chilean artist Livia Martin is characterised by large format installations in which she incorporates pieces of her — Proyecto H Contemporáneo

Pío Cabanillas

Sandstone is the material allotted by nature for caprice, dynamism and the distortion of shapes. Devoid of rules or proportion — Materna y Herencia

Català-Roca. Masterworks
Francesc Català-Roca

Català-Roca is one of Spain's great 20th century photographers. One of Joan Miro´s closest friends, he was a committed intellectual — Tiempos Modernos

Construtio. 3/30
Christian Lagata, Julio Galeote , Laura San Segundo

We present three contemporary photographers from three different decades – 40, 30 and 25 years old – at contrasting stages — Cero

Dos proyectos
Alejandro S. Garrido

“Un lugar sin refugio” [A Place Without Refuge] explores the tensions that arise from the urban systems of production in — Casa sin fin

Alejandro Marote

The purpose of this site-specific exhibition is to test the limits of elasticity of the photographic language. A single frame — Ogami Press

Face to Face: Portraits of artists In Venezuelan Photography
Carlos Eduardo Puche, Carlos Germán Rojas, Carlos Herrera, Paolo Gasparini, Ricardo Armas, Victoriano de los Ríos

Over the years many of Venezuela’s photographers have wanted to photograph their country’s artists. Venezuela’s contemporary portraiture features an ample — Odalys

Fernando Nuño
Fernando Nuño

Carrying on with their task of recovering the legacy of mid-20th century Spanish and Latin American photographers, Galería José de — José de la Mano

First International Photography Prize Mondo Galería
Antonio Guerra, Aurore Valade, Casimiro Martinferre, Elisa Celda, Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea, Jon Gorospe, Jorge López Muñoz, Melissa Chen, Pasquale Biasco, Subodh Kerkar, Thom Pierce

With this exhibition Mondo Galería caps the first International Photography Prize. The display comprises the work of the winner of — Mondo Galeria

In Pain (detail)
Fernando Bayona, Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki’s four Polaroids make us come into contact with the possibilities of pain. They share the same space as — 6MÁS1

Insomniac Animal
Manuel Vilariño

This exhibition showcases photographs in medium-size and large formats accompanied by an audio installation and a poem by the artist. — Puxagallery

Roger Ballen

‘Outland’, ‘Shadow Chamber’ and ‘Boarding House’ show us a hallucinatory and enigmatic look at one of the most singular and — Camara Oscura Galería de Arte

José Manuel Ferrater, fotografías de moda y retratos 1980–2011
José Manuel Ferrater

Renown for his fashion photography and for directing fashion films, Ferrater has become one of the most singular and revealing — Juan Naranjo Galeria de Arte & Documentos

Just One Eye
Cristina Macaya

Cristina Macaya’s photographs show the city where she lives from a different and particular perspective. — Álvaro Alcázar

Let’s line our own pockets
Ximo Berenguer

We present a selection of the work produced at the famous El Molino theatre, a veritable window in 1975 into — Fernando Pradilla

Life in Motion
Christian Voigt

Movement is one of the elements that best define life. Christian Voigt photographs life, what he finds, what finds him, — Lucía Mendoza

Mariana Cook

The photographs that Cook displays in this exhibition are part of what she calls Close at Hand, a black and — Ivorypress

Luis Brito: They are there
Luis Brito

Están allí [They are there] is the first exhibition in Madrid of the recently deceased Luis Brito, winner of Venezuela’s — Cesta República

Jorge Isla

By virtue of this type of light (LUV-A or short wave ultraviolet radiation) and the parameters of the photographic camera, — Kir Royal Gallery

Michiko Kon
Michiko Kon

Michiko’s creative process explores still life as a descriptive format in itself rather than as a simple compositional selection; she — Michel Soskine

Modern Paparazza

The exhibition presents a close look at the houses designed by two architects fundamental to the modernist movement, Rudolf M. — La Caja Negra

Office Romance
Kathy Ryan

This is the first exhibition in Spain by Kathy Ryan, director of photography at The New York Times Magazine. — Spainmedia Gallery

One + Two
Andy Sotiriou , David Delgado, Marta Soul

One + two shows three different perspectives: David Delgado develops his work along three lines of research: documentary photography, contextualised — BAT Alberto Cornejo

Eduardo Momeñe

The pleasure of touristing, the agreeable adventure that is still possible, the delight of composing photographs, also that of posing — Fernández-Brasos

Polar Heir
Han Sungpil

What is it about the sterility and emptiness of the Polar Regions that we find so fascinating, so appealing? Han — Blanca Berlín

Red Mud
Javier Marquerie Bueno

Barro Rojo [red mud] is Javier Marquerie Bueno’s photographic project, which documents from the present the Battle of Brunete, held — StandARTe

Selected Paintings. 2007/2017
Ciuco Gutiérrez

Ciuco Gutiérrez reflexiona sobre los límites de la fotografía en relación con la pintura. En diversas ocasiones y a lo — My Name's Lolita Art

Slant Rhymes
Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb

Slant Rhymes is a visual conversation between photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, a couple that have been working — La Fábrica

The Bearded Woman
Marina Núñez

Marina Nuñez portrays, through representations of bearded women, errors or singularities of nature. Symbolic meaning with moralising intentions can also — Pilar Serra

The Fragrance of Morphine
Raúl Urbina

En Fragancia de morfina la ausencia y el silencio que se produce en algo tan cercano como las relaciones personales — Luis Burgos Galería de Arte

The Place Where I Live
Raúl Kalésnik

In the years 2011 and 2015, an open call for children's drawings took place in Michocán and Veracruz. The children — Ponce + Robles

The Reason of Being
Alberto García-Alix

The works of Alberto García Alix span across several countries and have been featured in publications such as Vogue, British — Juana de Aizpuru

The Reds
Cristóbal Hara

Los Rojos (The Reds) engages with the use of colour in the composition of images. The conception of colour as — Marlborough

Pilar Pequeño

Traces is a visual account of the poetics of the passage of time. It brings together the vicissitudes of two — Marita Segovia

Violet III
Paloma Gámez

As we explore the room we find a space in which colour, light and time become the protagonists. Colour is — Magda Bellotti