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Alberto Schommer. Contemporaries

A National Photography Award recipient and one of our most emblematic photographers, Alberto Schommer made his mark in the visual — La Cárcel. Centro de creación

Carlos Saura. Spain the 50s

Internationally celebrated for his filmography, Carlos Saura (Huesca, 1932) has balanced his work as movie director and photographer. He was — Museo de la Fotografía de Huete

Carmen Calvo. Repose and Dizziness

Carmen Calvo recovers old photographs from family albums (chiefly from the 40’s to the 70’s) that she finds in street — Museo Pablo Gargallo

Group. 1989: Bucharest – Prague – Warsaw. Snapshots of the Transition to Democracy

The year 1989 was a decisive moment in recent European history. The communist system finally revealed itself, like a colossus — Antiguo Hospital de Santa María la Rica

Group. Processed Time

Again this year, the students of the 11th edition of the Máster PHotoESPAÑA in Photography. Theories and Artistic Projects 2018-2019 — Centro de Arte Alcobendas

Group. TQ+SOUTH. Andalusian Photographers

TQ+SOUTH is a project that consists of in three exhibitions curated by Fernando Barrionuevo, based on the photography series that — MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico

Hou I-Ting. Weaving Identities

Taiwan is a country with post-colonial characteristics, capable of merging cultures from all over the world and generating a local — Centro de Historias: La Cripta

Jesús Madriñán. Time Revealed

Time Revealed presents the latest works by the artist Jesús Madriñán, two series of photographs created at nocturnal venues in — Centro de Arte Alcobendas

Luis Areñas. The Last Ones. Portraits and Testimonies from the Spanish Civil War

How can we pay tribute to the fallen in the Spanish Civil War? Where were they? Who were they? What — Centro de historias

Nicolás Muller. Domesticated Light

Hungarian by birth, Nicolás Muller settled in Spain in 1947, after a long journey marked by the Second World War — Bulevar Salvador Allende

Paula Anta. Knots: Topologies of Memory

This exhibition presents the recent work of Paula Anta, —a project made in situ at the Centro de Arte de — Centro de Arte Alcobendas

Picasso, the Eye of the Photographer

This exhibition offers an emersion into the universe of Pablo Picasso through photography. This medium, which is a polysemic form — Museu Picasso

Roger Grasas. Ha Aretz

The project Ha Aretz —an expression taken from Aramaic, the language supposedly spoken by Jesus Christ, that refers to the — Centro de Arte Alcobendas

Solovki. Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Rafael Trapiello

Solovki is the main island of the Solovetsky archipelago (Russia), located in the middle of the White Sea, known as — Centro de Arte Alcobendas