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Clare Strand. The Discrete Channel with Noise

The latest work by the British artist Clare Strand, The Discrete Channel with Noise, is a complex body of work — Ateneo de Madrid

Délio Jasse. The Other Chapter

The origin of these images is a group of snapshots collected together in a box the artist found at a — Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa

Double Take: Sharon Core and Laura Letinsky

In colloquial language, a “double take” refers to a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one’s first impression. It — Museo Nacional del Romanticismo

Elina Brotherus. PLAYGROUND

Elina Brotherus is a Finnish artist whose work oscillates between rigorous investigations into art history and autobiographical projects using photography — Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa

Patrick Pound. Photography and Air

Patrick Pound is an artist, collector, curator, and professor of photography. His artwork incorporates vernacular photographs gathered through years of — Museo Lázaro Galdiano