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Bernardo Aja. BetweenWalls

BetweenWalls introduces us to two frames of time with photographs of present-day families that maintain auras of the past. The — Materna y Herencia

Chema Castelló. TRANSapariencia

Chema Castelló has created this exhibition like a staged installation, evoking the atmosphere of analog-era laboratories and photography studios as — Pavilion

Christian Voigt. Origin

With a spirit not unlike that of the historic romantic travelers, the work by the German artist Christian Voigt results — Lucía Mendoza

Collective. Cities

For some time now, it is difficult to distinguish what city we are in unless we catch sight of visit — Moisés Pérez de Albéniz

Dionisio González. Concrete Island

This artistic project has created a survey of architectural approaches that began circulating throughout Europe in the 1950s. During the — Ivorypress

Domingo Martín. Images, Texts and Textures

The fascination for the magical world of paper and handwriting as personal element of expression is the leitmotiv of this — Centro de Arte Moderno

Donna Ferrato. TriBeCa

These photographs of TriBeCa show a way of life and neighborhood touched profoundly by transition. Traumatized by the September 11th — La Fábrica

Elina Brotherus. A New Sense of Order

Since 2000, Brotherus has explored personal experiences that are at the same time universal: the presence and absence of love — Camara Oscura Galería de Arte

Fernando Maselli. Infinite Artificial

The sublime is an aesthetic category described as a controlled fear that attracts the soul and is present in qualities — Rafael Pérez Hernando

Hervé in Spain: Traditional Mediterranean Architecture – El Escorial

The photographer Lucien Hervé created an artistic language that earned him wide recognition in both 20th century architecture as well — José de la Mano

Jean Marie del Moral. Fields of Fields

Jean Marie del Moral (France, 1952) has been refining his exquisite eye for the past fifty years. His contact with — Tiempos Modernos

Jesús Chamizo. Constructing Images

The exhibition features two works by Jesús Chamizo that demonstrate his singular view of urban landscapes. On one hand, Glass — Kreisler

Juan Carlos Martínez. The Journey Continues

The series Secret Photography Archive, begun in 2013, features images with a defining candid aesthetic of different male prototypes viewed — Fernando Pradilla

Juan Millás. A Grove of Trees from a Point of View

The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents three photography exhibitions that reveal visions and personal conceptions of natural and urban spaces. It — Álvaro Alcázar

Julio Jiménez Corral. Faith

Faith reviews moments in humanity that have fallen into oblivion.   The exhibition features 35 iconic images of architectural buildings — La Fresh Gallery

Karina Skvirsky. Sacred Geometry

The project Sacred Geometry was created in Ingapirca, an archeological and tourist complex built by the Incas in Ecuador. Exactly — Ponce + Robles

los díez. Photo Trouvée

John Berger sustains in Steps Toward A Small Theory of the Visible (1995) that rather than conceiving artistic work in — Cero

Lou Campos. Does It Move or Not?

動くのか、動かないのか。/ Ugoku no ka, ugokanai no ka. / Does It Move or Not?   Aru: existence, presence. Iru: existence, presence. Museibutsu: — My Name's Lolita Art

María Moldes. Ultimatum to Earth

María Moldes presents a selection of 30 photographs created in the past three years in the region of the Minor — Puxagallery

Marisa González. Love and Memory

In Love and Memory, Marisa González presents various series of photographs. In the series Transgenic – Deviations, she captures the corporal — Freijo Gallery

Myoung Ho Lee. Tree Series

The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents three exhibitions in the OFF Festival.   On one hand, in collaboration with the Korean — Álvaro Alcázar

Nagore Legarreta. Images of Fire

Nagore Legarreta developed this photography project during several trips to India between 2013 and 2017, using pin-hole cameras she made — Aspa Contemporary

Nobuyoshi Araki

This exhibition by the Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki includes an array of photographs centered on two of the themes for — Javier López & Fer Francés

Omar Gámez. Hospital

In 2018 “The House of the Tiresias Dolls” was founded, a civil association that defends the rights of transexual prostitutes — Nativa

Pablo Avendaño. Landschap

Beyond simply appropriationism and pictorialist aesthetic, the series of photographs Lansdchap offers a decidedly uninhibited proposal to “supplant” the pictorial — Materna y Herencia

Paula Guimarães and Francisco Osório. Through the Forms / How to build a home

At first glimpse, the artworks of Paula Guimarães and Francisco Osório seem to be at odds. On one hand, Paula — Pavilion

Paz Juristo and Anuca Aísa. You Are What You Have Read

The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents photography exhibitions that reveal visions and personal concepts of natural and urban spaces. It is — Álvaro Alcázar

PHotoESPAÑA 19′: Mária Svarbová and Jorg Karg

PHotoESPAÑA 19′: Mária Svarbová and Jorg Karg is an exhibition proposal that ventures proffers to bring together works by Mária Svarbová — BAT Alberto Cornejo

Pilar Pequeño. Still Lives

With this exhibition, Pilar Pequeño culminates by virtue of a lengthy photographic reflexion and experience a project that she began — Marita Segovia

Rafa Sámano. Walking Miami

Nobody is surprised by the architectural emporiums that extend through cities and marginal neighborhoods. Change for onlookers always involves the — Luis Burgos Galería de Arte

Robert Mapplethorpe. Still Lifes

Elvira González Gallery is pleased to present Robert Mapplethorpe. Still Lifes, the third exhibition dedicated to the American photographer at — Galería Elvira González

Selected works from the r/e collection. The Five Elements of Nature

From the beginnings of Greek thought, a group of elements – water, air, earth, ether – have been used to — Espacio Artkunstarte

Soledad Córdoba. Trilogy of the Soul. Rebirth

Galería Blanca Berlín presents the second part of the Trilogy of the Soul. Rebirth, the second part of a project carried — Blanca Berlín

Tim Parchikov. Barriers of vision

This series of photographs was created by Tim Parchikov in the Canary Islands during the first quarter of 2019. Parchikov — Juana de Aizpuru