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Breakfasts with Bacon

Throughout his extensive trajectory, Faustino Cuevas has received since 1977 numerous recognitions including First Place in the 22nd National Painting — Estela Docal

Course of hypnotism by correspondence

Raúl Hevia (Oviedo, 1965) is an artist, critic, and independent curator. In his work, there is an underlying questioning about — JosédelaFuente


Dionisio González (Gijón 1975), a multidisciplinary artist based in Seville, reinvents landscapes, spaces, and their social derivatives. Concerned about the — GALERÍA SIBONEY


The Like motif is a symptom, a response of our times. It is an alteration in the visual production ecosystem — Galería Juan Silió


The exhibition Terraforming focuses on the dramatic transformation of our environment into post-natural landscapes and the most existential question of — Galería Juan Silió

Written in the Leaves

Photographer Verónica Vicente (Tomiño, Pontevedra, 1988) is the central figure in her actions and performances that are set in places — Espacio Alexandra