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Bernard Plossu. Santander. Series Spain 2010

The exhibition Santander. Series Spain 2010 by the French photographer Bernard Plossu (Vietnam,1945) is comprised of 41 photographs belonging to the — Sala de Exposiciones "Universidad" de la Universidad de Cantabria


The theatricality and the selection of personalities and locations in these photographs lead us to find not only the story — "Sala Concepción Arenal". Centro Cultural Los Arenales. Archivo y Biblioteca Central de Cantabria


New creative processes and in particular photography occupy a special place in the Kells Collection. Founded in 1996, the Kells — Palacete del Embarcadero

Javier Salas. In Azure and Gold

In Azure and Gold is a photography exhibit featuring ten black and white portraits of outstanding women in the world — Fachada Ayuntamiento Santander

Mingo Venero. Amazon Tears

The documentary work by the photographer from Cantabria Mingo Venero focuses on social inequality, migrations, children’s rights, and the empowerment — "Sala Concepción Arenal". Centro Cultural Los Arenales. Archivo y Biblioteca Central de Cantabria

The optical thinker. Rodchenko. Museum Series Portfolios

The exhibition The optical thinker. Rodchenko. Museum Series Portfolios offers a unique opportunity to contemplate some of the most emblematic photographs — Sala de exposiciones del CDIS


This exhibition celebrates the work of the photographer Tony Ray-Jones (1941-1972) who, having lived a short lift just past the — Sala de exposiciones del CDIS

VISUAL MEMORY OF SPANIARDS IN THE USA (The unedited work of Juantxu Rodríguez)

In 1988, the photographer Juantxu Rodríguez made his first trip to the United States with a grant from the Universidad — Palacete del Embarcadero


Boarders are areas of transit, of uncertainty and of resistance. On many occasions, they are the object of rivalry and — Palacio de la Magdalena