Ideas. New paradigms of documentary photography in Latin America and North America

© Marcela Bonfim

Online meeting developed in collaboration with Sesc Ideas, a pioneering Brazilian institution in the challenge of promoting culture through the Internet. The program, open and free through the Sesc platform, will present a virtual table around the image as an opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge. The debate will put into […]

¡Retrátate! With Estela de Castro and Jesús Madriñán

© Jesus Madriñán

Fundación Canal and PHotoESPAÑA are organizing a new edition of ¡Retrátate!, an activity for the public that will make the users of the Foundation and followers of the Festival the protagonists of the portraits made by Estela de Castro and Jesús Madriñán. The free activity will take place in two sets located in the Fundación Canal auditorium on […]

Meeting with Maira Villela

To celebrate the XXV edition of PHotoESPAÑA we scheduled a meeting at the TAI University School of Arts, to present the Festival and its development over the years. Maíra Villela, Head of Exhibitions and PHE Discoveries, will comment on the structure of PHotoESPAÑA and the different phases of managing an exhibition proposal. […]

Meetings with Linarejos Moreno. Malaga

Linarejos Moreno, On the Geography of Green, 2019-2021

July 14, 18:00 p.m. | Center Pompidou Málaga Scientific/technological photography and alterity In this meeting with the public, Linarejos Moreno, artistic director of the PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography. Theories and Artistic Projects, she will share her trajectory, from the use of photography as a record of the interventions carried out in Andalusian industrial spaces, from a perspective of […]

PhotoWalk Cuenca. Bleda and Rosa

Bleda and Rosa. Burriana. From the series / From the series: Soccer fields, 1992-95

María Bleda and José María Rosa, who make up one of the most outstanding references in contemporary Spanish photography, are the stars of the first edition of PHotoWalk Cuenca, organized by the Antonio Pérez Foundation and PHotoESPAÑA. This PHotoWalk will take place in a workshop format and will allow the participants to delve into the trajectory of Bleda for three days […]

The bones of the water. Meeting with Luis González Palma

Möbius, 2013 © Luis González Palma

Fundación Telefónica organizes, in collaboration with Ediciones Anómalas, the presentation of the book by the photographer Luis González Palma (Guatemala, 1957): The bones of the water. Co-published with the Antonio Pérez Foundation, the book explores the artist's universe with a selection of his work. The unsaid, chance, obsessive images and reflection on the […]

Saturday Photo Workshops

Once again this year, the Canal Foundation and PHotoESPAÑA present the Saturday Photo-Workshops, which will take place over four consecutive Saturdays in the Foundation's gardens and will allow children and adolescents between the ages of six and thirteen, grouped by age, to familiarize themselves with and delve into the photography practice. Photography stops time. […]

In the night. Santander open air projections

The Naves de Gamazo are one of the jewels of Santander's industrial architecture and in 2021 they have become the Santander headquarters of the ENAIRE Collection of Contemporary Art. For this reason, the ENAIRE Foundation and PHotoESPAÑA organize a night of open-air screenings with the visual artist Javier Riera. […]

We present the Off Routes, do not miss the proposals of the PHE21 galleries!

Some of the best galleries in Madrid join the PHotoESPAÑA 2021 exhibition program with a wide and interesting selection of artistic proposals. A careful exhibition offering in which we can find the works of established authors, both national and international, and new names that bring freshness and other perspectives through the […]

The value of the image. Photography and visual arts for change

This program of screenings is divided into three meetings with three great experts in photography and the visual arts who, from the experience of curatorial practice and research, will discuss different issues related to social development. Thus, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Anne Morin and Marta Dahó will address issues such as visibility […]

Online contest #StreetPhotographyPHE

Street photography has always existed. Its spirit allows us to know the life of the streets, the soul of the cities and the wandering of its people. As a genre, Street Photography was born at the beginning of the XNUMXth century with the appearance of the first handheld cameras, easier to use and that allowed shots […]

PHotoESPAÑA Forum - Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid and PHotoESPAÑA organize, for the sixth consecutive year, a new edition of Foro PHotoESPAÑA, a physical and virtual space in which photographers and the public establish a direct relationship through exhibitions, meetings, presentations and exchange of ideas. In PHotoESPAÑA Forum it is possible to Do, Speak, Listen and Be with the […]